Rules for Re-certification Have Changed – (CCR Program)

In case you didn’t know, PMI®  changed the rules for maintaining your PMP®  Certification, and earning PDUs! (This is called the CCR program, or “Continuing Certification Requirements Program.”)  There are actually new rules that apply to seven of PMI’s certifications – (all but the CAPM) – but I will just focus here on the new rules for maintaining the PMP®  certification. The details are spelled out on – (see 2015 Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Updates), but here is quick summary.

You will still have to earn 60 PDUs in a three year cycle, and the two main categories “Education” and “Giving Back to the Profession” remain. However, starting in December of 2015, you’re going to have to begin classifying the “education” PDUs in three different ways: Technical skills, Leadership skills, and Strategic & Business Management skills. Also, the number of hours you can earn in each of the two main categories are changing. Previously, you could earn up to 45 PDUs in Giving Back to the Profession, but in the new system you can only earn 25 PDUs. Also, in the current system you could earn 15 PDUs for being a practicing project manager in this category, but in the new system, you can only earn 8 PDUs in the three-year cycle.

So, you have to earn a minimum of 35 PDUs in the education category, and additionally, you must earn 8 PDUs in each of the new three areas: Technical, Leadership and Strategic & Business Management.

However, PMI®  has made a significant change in the rules that makes it much easier to earn all of the 35 education PDUs. In the 2015 system, there is NO limit on the number of the PDUs that can be earned through self-directed learning! Just by reading books, magazine articles, or by viewing educational videos you can earn all 35 PDUs!  Just keep records of the books (an audit trail perhaps with notes) in case your PDU claim is challenged. 

Lastly, if your current cycle ends on December 1, 2017 or later, you must use the new system. If your cycle ends before that date, PMI® recommends you use the new system, but it is not mandatory. Please check out the PMI®  website for more details.

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