PMP Prep Programs

Almost all PMP Prep programs are described as “intense,” “boot-camps,” and “concentrated” training. This concentrated approach is necessary, because a tremendous amount of material must be covered in the four day class to prepare students to pass the test. Of course, that requires students typically must deal with long nine hour days plus homework over the four days in order to successfully prepare. This can be a very demanding and exhausting experience for even the best of students.

What if we were to find a way to significantly lessen the arduous nature of traditional PMP Prep training, combining excellent virtual training with excellent classroom training? We provide pre-class virtual training modules to enable students to hit the ground running as they arrive at class. Also, we have recorded audio for all slides used in our four-day class. You can listen to audios of the training segments in your car or on your Smartphone or iPod. Of course, you can also watch the videos on your smartphone, or at home on your laptop or smart TV!

We have also modularized the videos to be 12 to 15 minute segments, and integrated the videos with quizzes for each segment. (This comprises over 30 hours of video training.) Now students have the opportunity to easily navigate to desired segments of the class to repeat the training as many times as they wish. We also provide access to the website with all the videos, quizzes, audios and exam simulation as core elements of the four day class. To round out the virtual training, an expert PMP instructor is just an email away for students who have questions regarding specific topic material.

For those interested in exploring creative approaches that provide for even more flexibility with your training schedule, we offer a blended training model that includes the full virtual training suite (videos, audios, quizzes and exam simulation) coupled with traditional classroom training and webinars. Yes, it is still best if the training is concentrated into a one week or ten day period, but with this approach, students have more flexibility to spread the training out to accommodate their personal schedules, and build in more time for breaks, doing quizzes and exercises to better assimilate all of the training materials. We believe this combined approach of instructor led training along with “Khan Academy” style interactive video will truly provide the best approach for preparing for the PMP exam. We provide free access to more than three hours of the video training so you can see for yourself the quality we have put into this training content. You can quickly and easily decide for yourself if this approach meets your needs!

We offer a full class guarantee and customer satisfaction guarantee for our training program. This includes both the virtual training program and blended training program!